Nurturing Mobility, Relieving Pain, & Restoring Vitality

Radiant Physical Therapy & Wellness prioritises mobility, function and quality of life through detailed assessment and treatment of physical, social, occupational and psychological factors. Our approach targets identifying and remedying the root cause of dysfunction, caused by an injury or lifestyle choices.

Beyond just treating injuries, we specialise in identifying and correcting biomechanical factors causing impairments as well as prevention strategies to avoid injuries or re-injuries. Being passionate about enhancing overall well-being, we focus on comprehensive, coordinated and personalised care that restores radiance to your life.

Recover, Renew, Rejoice
What we treat
Neck / upper back / Lower back pain
shoulder pain / rotator cuff injuries
elbow & hand pain / injuries
Hip & knee pain / injuries
Foot & Ankle Pain / Injuries
pre & post surgical rehabilitation
Chronic Pain & dysfunction
Pelvic dysfunction
Pre & Post natal impairments
Sports injury
Neurological disorders
Nerve Impairments
balance & gait impairments
Fractures and Dislocation
Bursitis / Tendonitis
Sprain / Strain
Repetitive stress injuries
Work Injuries
motor vehicle injuries