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At Radiant Physical Therapy & Wellness, we specialize in personalized recovery journeys by providing one-on-one sessions to foster strength, endurance & resilience. Our dedicated team is committed to a holistic approach and conservative care to empower you to thrive. Your well-being is our priority on the path from recovery to resilience.

Empowering Your Inner Radiance for Optimal Health

At Radiant Physical Therapy & Wellness, we take pride in nurturing each patient’s need to return back to healthy living. This is driven by our commitment to compassionate care, extensive physical therapy knowledge & skilled interventions.

Our utmost priority is the radiant health of our patients. Blending heartfelt care with state of the art equipment, we help support you on your journey to recovery. We not only address immediate physical challenges but also educate and empower our clients to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, managing a chronic condition, or striving for peak performance. We look forward to partnering with you on the path to optimal health.

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    Why Us
    Excellence Awaits
    Personalized Care

    Tailored one on one treatment plans designed to meet your unique needs and goals.

    Evidence Based Practices

    Utilizing the latest research and techniques for effective treatment results.

    Advanced Equipment

    Incorporating state-of-the-art instruments to enhance treatment effectiveness.

    Preventive Strategies

    Offering guidance to prevent future injuries and improve long term well-being.

    Recover, Renew, Rejoice
    What we treat

    This condition involves inflammation of the joints, causing pain and stiffness that typically worsen with age. We’re here to help you move easier and feel better.

    Whether it’s from overuse or injury, shoulder pain can really limit your daily activities. Our team is ready to get you reaching high again without the pain.

    These critical joints bear a lot of your weight, and when they hurt, everything feels harder. We focus on strengthening and flexibility exercises to get you back on your feet.

    Surgery doesn’t have to slow you down. We tailor rehab programs to help you recover faster and stronger, both before and after your procedure.

    When pain lingers, it affects more than just your body. Our comprehensive approach aims to reduce your pain and improve your quality of life.

    Getting injured on the job brings a double whammy of physical pain and financial worry. We’re dedicated to your full recovery so you can return to work confidently.

    A pain in the neck (or back) impacts your entire day. Our therapists use a mix of techniques to alleviate discomfort and improve spinal health.

    Pelvic issues can be sensitive, but our respectful and effective treatments aim to restore pelvic health and harmony.

    Pregnancy and childbirth are incredible but can strain your body. We offer gentle support for moms-to-be and new moms to stay strong and pain-free.

    Staying steady on your feet is fundamental. Our balance and gait training helps prevent falls and keeps you moving smoothly.

    Doing the same motion over and over can lead to injury. Our preventive strategies and treatments can keep you in action without the pain.

    Recovering from a car accident goes beyond the initial wounds. We focus on holistic healing to address both physical injuries and movement fears.

    Athletes push their bodies hard, and sometimes it pushes back. We get sports enthusiasts back to their passion stronger and smarter about injury prevention.

    Conditions like stroke and Parkinson’s can profoundly affect movement. Our therapies aim to enhance function and independence.

    Nerve damage can lead to pain, numbness, or weakness. We work on strategies to manage symptoms and promote nerve health.

    Healing from broken bones or joint dislocations requires patience and precision. Our care plan focuses on healing and strengthening affected areas.

    Inflammation of bursae or tendons causes this painful condition. We employ treatments to reduce inflammation and restore movement.

    Sprains affect ligaments while strains involve muscles or tendons. Our recovery plans are all about getting you back to full strength and flexibility.

    Accepted Insurance
    Seamless Coverage, Cash Accepted

    If you do not see your insurance carrier on this list, please call us so we can further assist you.

    Shishir Malani
    Shishir Malani
    Dr. Mruga Dani is one of the most hard working and considerate doctors with not only an advanced knowledge of PT techniques but also an amazing bedside manner. Not only has she cured my neck/back pain issues, but has been instrumental in helping me rehab my knee after ACL and meniscus surgery. Her 1:1 personalized and dedicated care combined with spacious and well equipped facilities have helped my speedy recovery. Thank you!
    Malar Bose
    Malar Bose
    I do not have enough words to describe how wonderful Mruga is. She is very patient and slowly coaxes me to do all the exercises. Best PT ever. She is beyond excellent.
    Children Paradise (Shivani Dadbhawala)
    Children Paradise (Shivani Dadbhawala)
    So it begins with this terrible plantar fasciitis leg heel pain for me and I happen to go to Mruga for therapy. She not only is an expert therapist but is excellent person by heart. She has totally blown me away everytime with her excellence in guiding and making a comfortable place for me. I look forward for the therapy sessions as I get to see her. I would highly recommend and suggest to try her once for sure. My pain has improved so much in just few sessions and I can’t thank her enough.
    Hiral Shah
    Hiral Shah
    My dad recently had a physiotherapy at Radiant Physical Therapy & Wellness for treating his backpain. The therapist Mruga Dani is extermly knowladagable considering his age she created personalized training plan which helped him ease the pain. Clinic Atmosphere is welcoming and supportive. I highly recommended Radiant Physical Training and wellness clinic.
    Nilay Desai
    Nilay Desai
    I saw Radiant therapy today and Mruga gave really good advice and showed very nice exercises along with some better way to do stretches. I had ACL tear in my left knee back in October and needed physical therapy as well as advice from an expert on next steps. She suggested some very good and practical next steps. I will definitely suggest Radiant to anyone.
    Jayanth Silesh
    Jayanth Silesh
    I recently completed my physical therapy sessions at Physical Therapy & Wellness, and I couldn't be happier with the experience. My therapist, Mruga, is well skilled, she was incredibly patient and detail-oriented. From the very first appointment, Mruga took the time to thoroughly understand my injury and limitations. She explained everything clearly and concisely, breaking down each step of the treatment plan into manageable pieces. Mruga never rushed through any exercise or treatment. She constantly monitored my form and progress, making adjustments as needed. She was meticulous in performing the exercises correctly and safely. I highly recommend this practice to anyone seeking physical therapy care.
    Ridhish Dadbhawala
    Ridhish Dadbhawala
    Amazing 1:1 care and customized exercises to get your body back into shape!
    aaa hhh
    aaa hhh
    I had injury on duty, the worker's compensation referred me to this place. Mruga Dani, the physical therapist, was so professional and nice! She has more than 12 years experience, and she successfully solved my shoulder pain in 5 sessions!
    Neha Seth
    Neha Seth
    I had an exceptional experience with Dr. Dani’s practice. I was referred to her for my lower back sciatica pain and finally I felt I found my perfect therapist match. She took the time to thoroughly assess my condition and develop a personalized treatment plan that was tailored to my specific needs. Her professionalism and attentiveness throughout the sessions were truly commendable. Highly recommend this clinic and Dr Dani for their exceptional hygiene, expertise, and well-equipped modern practice! Look forward to our future sessions..

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