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What is Manual Therapy?

Manual therapy is one of the most effective “Hands-on therapy “ techniques. It involves using hands to apply pressure, movement or manipulation to the muscle, joints , tissue or nerves of the body. 

The core principle of manual therapy lies in its ability to target specific areas, manipulating joints and soft tissues to alleviate pain and enhance mobility. This hands-on approach aids in tissue repair, reduces inflammation, and releases tension in muscles and nerves. Manual therapy is often combined with other forms such as therapeutic exercises and activity, neuromuscular rehabilitation, modalities and patient education to achieve better results.

Shishir Malani
Shishir Malani
Dr. Mruga Dani is one of the most hard working and considerate doctors with not only an advanced knowledge of PT techniques but also an amazing bedside manner. Not only has she cured my neck/back pain issues, but has been instrumental in helping me rehab my knee after ACL and meniscus surgery. Her 1:1 personalized and dedicated care combined with spacious and well equipped facilities have helped my speedy recovery. Thank you!
Malar Bose
Malar Bose
I do not have enough words to describe how wonderful Mruga is. She is very patient and slowly coaxes me to do all the exercises. Best PT ever. She is beyond excellent.
Children Paradise (Shivani Dadbhawala)
Children Paradise (Shivani Dadbhawala)
So it begins with this terrible plantar fasciitis leg heel pain for me and I happen to go to Mruga for therapy. She not only is an expert therapist but is excellent person by heart. She has totally blown me away everytime with her excellence in guiding and making a comfortable place for me. I look forward for the therapy sessions as I get to see her. I would highly recommend and suggest to try her once for sure. My pain has improved so much in just few sessions and I can’t thank her enough.
Hiral Shah
Hiral Shah
My dad recently had a physiotherapy at Radiant Physical Therapy & Wellness for treating his backpain. The therapist Mruga Dani is extermly knowladagable considering his age she created personalized training plan which helped him ease the pain. Clinic Atmosphere is welcoming and supportive. I highly recommended Radiant Physical Training and wellness clinic.
Nilay Desai
Nilay Desai
I saw Radiant therapy today and Mruga gave really good advice and showed very nice exercises along with some better way to do stretches. I had ACL tear in my left knee back in October and needed physical therapy as well as advice from an expert on next steps. She suggested some very good and practical next steps. I will definitely suggest Radiant to anyone.
Jayanth Silesh
Jayanth Silesh
I recently completed my physical therapy sessions at Physical Therapy & Wellness, and I couldn't be happier with the experience. My therapist, Mruga, is well skilled, she was incredibly patient and detail-oriented. From the very first appointment, Mruga took the time to thoroughly understand my injury and limitations. She explained everything clearly and concisely, breaking down each step of the treatment plan into manageable pieces. Mruga never rushed through any exercise or treatment. She constantly monitored my form and progress, making adjustments as needed. She was meticulous in performing the exercises correctly and safely. I highly recommend this practice to anyone seeking physical therapy care.
Ridhish Dadbhawala
Ridhish Dadbhawala
Amazing 1:1 care and customized exercises to get your body back into shape!
aaa hhh
aaa hhh
I had injury on duty, the worker's compensation referred me to this place. Mruga Dani, the physical therapist, was so professional and nice! She has more than 12 years experience, and she successfully solved my shoulder pain in 5 sessions!
Neha Seth
Neha Seth
I had an exceptional experience with Dr. Dani’s practice. I was referred to her for my lower back sciatica pain and finally I felt I found my perfect therapist match. She took the time to thoroughly assess my condition and develop a personalized treatment plan that was tailored to my specific needs. Her professionalism and attentiveness throughout the sessions were truly commendable. Highly recommend this clinic and Dr Dani for their exceptional hygiene, expertise, and well-equipped modern practice! Look forward to our future sessions..

What We Can Treat With Manual Therapy

frequently used manual therapy techniques

IASTM / Graston Technique

In this specialized form of manual therapy, ergonomic stainless steel tools are used to gently massage and scrape the targeted areas to address pain and inflammation, scar tissue and adhesions, muscle spasms and tightness, and joint stiffness that will help to promote mobility and recovery. Physical therapists employ the IASTM/Graston Technique to address a spectrum of disorders, from Upper/ lower back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and rotator cuff tears to quadricep pain, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, and headaches. If you’ve suffered a soft tissue injury, encountered a sports-related incident, or experienced mobility issues post-injury, the IASTM/Graston Technique can be your tool for recovery. 

Soft Tissue Mobilization / Myofascial Release 

Myofascial release is a type of hands-on therapy that aims to relieve tension and pain in the fascia, the connective tissue that covers and supports the muscles. By applying gentle and sustained pressure to the tight or restricted areas of the fascia, myofascial release can improve the range of motion, flexibility, and circulation of the affected tissues.
Soft tissue mobilization technique uses a hands-on -approach to manipulate muscle, ligaments and fascia of the body and targets scar tissue post-soft tissue injury by utilizing stretching and deep pressure to break down rigid muscle tissue, release fascial adhesions, improve tissue mobility and blood flow and promote healing. Let healing hands guide you towards enhanced range of motion and overall well-being, making STM an essential component of injury recovery and revitalized physical health.

Maitland joint mobilization – spine & extremities

Experience pain relief and enhanced mobility with the Maitland technique—a physiotherapy method dedicated to easing physical pain and stiffness. Acting as a diagnostic tool, it employs diverse mobilizations on the spine, peripheral joints, and other areas to improve freedom of movement. Through controlled, passive, and accessory movements, the Maitland approach systematically identifies and surpasses limitations. Our therapists guide you in muscle stretching, stabilization techniques, and exercises, enabling continued progress at home. Embrace a holistic approach to well-being, understanding, and addressing physical limitations with the Maitland technique—a key to a more flexible and resilient body.

Neuro Mobilization

This specialized technique focuses on optimizing nerve mobility, crucial for overall physical function. Our skilled practitioners utilize gentle and targeted movements to alleviate nerve tension, reducing pain and enhancing neural mobility. Neuromobilization is particularly beneficial for those dealing with conditions such as sciatica, nerve entrapment, and neuropathy. This precise and tailored approach promotes nerve health, contributing to improved flexibility, reduced discomfort, and enhanced overall well-being.

Muscle Energy Techniques 

This manual therapy approach engages active patient participation to correct musculoskeletal imbalances. Our skilled therapists guide you through specific muscle contractions, utilizing your own energy to enhance joint flexibility and restore optimal function. Muscle Energy Techniques are effective for addressing issues like joint stiffness, muscle tightness, and postural misalignments. By harnessing the power of your muscles through controlled isometric contractions, this technique promotes increased range of motion, reduced pain, and improved muscle balance.

frequently Asked Questions:

Is Manual Hands-on Therapy painful, & what does it feel like during a session?

While there might be some discomfort, manual therapy is generally not painful. We use controlled movements and communicate with clients to ensure comfort during the treatment. Patient’s response may vary depending on the nature of injury and technique used to address it.

How long does each Manual Hands-on Therapy session typically last, and how many sessions are needed?

Session duration varies but is commonly around 15 to 30 minutes. The number of sessions required depends on the individual’s condition, goals, and response to therapy. The therapist will discuss a personalized treatment plan with you.

Is Manual Hands-on Therapy suitable for all age groups?

Yes, manual therapy is generally suitable for all age groups. Therapists adapt their techniques based on the individual’s age, health status, and specific needs.

Are there any contraindications or situations where Manual Hands-on Therapy may not be recommended?

While generally safe, there are some contraindications. Individuals with certain health conditions or recent surgeries may need special consideration. It’s crucial to communicate openly with your therapist about your health history.

How long does it take to experience the benefits of Manual Hands-on Therapy?

The timeline for experiencing benefits varies. Some individuals may feel improvements after a few sessions, while others may take longer. Consistency in attending sessions and following therapist recommendations can influence the speed of results.

Treatment Fees

Assessment: $100

Follow Up: $75

Accepted Insurance
Seamless Coverage, Cash Accepted

If you do not see your insurance carrier on this list, please call us so we can further assist you.