What is Kinesio Taping: A Simple Guide to Pain Relief and Support

If you’ve ever wondered about the colorful strips of tape often seen on athletes, you’re not alone. Kinesio Taping is a therapeutic technique designed to support muscles and joints without restricting movement. This method helps reduce pain and inflammation while improving circulation. Kinesio Taping isn’t just for athletes. It has various applications, from aiding muscle […]

Benefits of Balance & Gait Training

Are you looking to improve your physical activity and overall health? Balance and gait training may be just what you need. These types of training can help you improve your balance, reduce your risk of falling, and increase your mobility. At Radiant Physical Therapy in San Jose, California, we specialize in providing personalized balance and […]

tech neck
Tech Neck: Treatment, Prevention, and Exercises

Tech neck, also known as text neck, is a modern condition characterized by neck pain and damage stemming from the overuse of handheld devices.  With the increased dependency on smartphones and tablets, your posture may suffer as you tilt your head forward to view screens, leading to strain on your neck muscles and cervical spine. […]